Adopt remote or hybrid work models

If there's anything we've learned in the last few years, it's that remote work is not only possible, but it's beneficial. Numerous businesses were reluctant to adopt a remote or hybrid model, but overall the model reduces emissions and is beneficial for employee retention and satisfaction. 

Utilize sustainable products in the office

There are many sustainable and eco-friendly products that businesses can utilize and offer to their employees to make small impacts. For example, compostable cutlery,  recycled paper products, and businesses can also implement sustainability goals like low-waste challenges for their employees to encourage sustainability efforts.

Upgrade to energy-efficient products

Just like with compostable and eco-friendly items, there are several energy-efficient options you can implement into your business, whether you work for a company or if you're self-employed. Energy-efficient options can decrease carbon footprint and help lower costs overall. This doesn't have to be drastic either; consider switching to automatic lights with sensors or smart thermostats that can help reduce the amount of energy consumed. 

Offer commuter benefits

If hybrid or remote work isn't possible, offer public transit as an employee benefit. It's eco-friendly and efficient.

Reduce, reuse, and recycle

Reducing the amount of waste produced is the first step in making a positive environmental impact. Instead of using paper cups or plastic water bottles, purchase one that will last you more than just a handful of times. And finally, while recycling isn't always easy, make it a priority when home, and if you work from the office, create a way for your employees to do it in a simple and non-time consuming way.