Here are a few sustainability trends we expect to see from global companies.

Hybrid Working

While the hybrid working model was set up as a response to the pandemic, multiple organizations are sustaining the work model, which isn't only beneficial for employees but brings down overall emissions due to less travel and cutting greenhouse gas emissions. 

Climate Change Disclosures

Reporting on climate change has become a critical part of sustainability strategies; moving forward, firms will be expected to provide data on their actions to reduce emissions and limit energy consumption. 

Clean Air Initiatives

Cities have been putting in more effort to eliminate emissions. Projects like London's Ultra-Low Emissions zone is a great example of this. Additionally, more cities are developing green spaces and implementing renewable energy projects.

Penalties For Lack of Climate Action

Large organizations are more likely to experience stricter regulation on climate disclosure and will be penalized if they don't comply. This will be implemented for the sole purpose of encouraging businesses to be more sustainable. 

Encouraging Consumers To Adopt Alternatively-Powered Vehicles

More businesses will be encouraged to develop the necessary infrastructure to support EVs and ensure that buildings are prepared for a future without fossil fuels.