"During the pandemic, the demand for our coffee product at home exploded," says David Abrahamovitch, the Founder and CEO of Grind, a coffee company based in London.

Grind is one of the most sustainable coffee pods on the planet. Their coffee pods are completely organic, biodegradable, and 100% plastic-free. 

"Plastic and aluminum pods take hundreds of years to break down. In your home compost, ours will break down quicker than grass cuttings or can be placed in your food waste bin. If worst comes to the worst and Grind's pods do make their way into landfills or even the ocean, our pods will still break down in these ambient environments" - David Abrahamovitch.

Grind has successfully discovered how to be truly sustainable with their product, and they've been committing to it fully. They did something that most companies fail to do - they took the time to understand customers' concerns and created value. 

The way it works is simple - choose your coffee from their Grind coffee blends; they also have Nespresso compatible pods; tell them how much you want and how often, and then they provide you with a free Grind tin and carbon-free delivery.

Additionally, their pods are made from bacteria fermentation while retaining freshness and shelf life, so you never have to worry about using them up right away. If you’re looking for a way to be a little bit more sustainable first thing in the morning, try Grind.