With more companies putting sustainability at the heart of their business and organizational strategies, those who are interested in pursuing a degree in sustainability have many options when it comes to education. With that in mind, here are five colleges offering a Master's degree in Sustainability. 

Harvard University

Students in Harvard’s program have the choice of one of five concentrations: Sustainable Cities and Communities, Corporate Sustainability, Sustainable Food Systems, Environmental Policy and International Development, and Natural Resource Management. During their time in the program, students have the chance to work with real-world clients.

Tufts University

Tufts University has a Master of Science in Sustainability that will help students build their experience supporting socio-ecological systems through sustainable solutions. They also have two research centers that are focused on the environment.

Columbia University 

Columbia University's Master of Science in Sustainability binds management with environmental consciousness. Additionally, Columbia is home to the Earth Institute, which is the largest university-wide research group in the world that focuses on sustainability. 

The University of Michigan at Ann Arbor 

The University of Michigan at Ann Arbor offers a Master of Science in Environment and Sustainability, and students are able to choose from numerous specialties such as Environmental Justice, Conservation Ecology Environmental Informatics, Environment Policy and Planning, Sustainable Systems and Behaviour, Education, and Communication. 

Franklin Pierce University – Master Of Business Administration In Energy And Sustainability

This program at Franklin Pierce University has the goal of helping graduates influence corporate and community sustainability efforts. It currently requires 13 courses, including Building a Sustainable Enterprise, Energy Economics, and the Future of Energy, Business, and Society.