According to a study, 75% of Gen Z consumers said that sustainability is signficiantly more important than brand name products when making a purchasing decision, and the majority of Gen Z is willing to pay more money for sustainable products.

Additionally, it's not just Gen Z. Generation X is following in their footsteps. 67% of Gen X prefers to buy from sustainable companies, and this number has grown nearly 25% in the span of just one year. 

Gen Z influencers are influencing other generations to buy responsibly sourced products, making sustainable supply chain practices imperative for brands to keep in mind.

Outside of the actual products themselves, individuals are also showing a desire for sustainable packaging.

Due to all of this, more companies and fashion brands have begun to market the sustainability of their products. However, in 2021, the ICPEN discovered that 40% of environmental claims that were being made by brands were misleading. Gen Z is aware of the issue and therefore coined the term "greenwashing." 

The European Commission noted the inconsistency, saying "greenwashing has increased as consumers increasingly seek to buy environmentally sound products."