"An investigation of the reasons why 1.2 billion tonnes of food gets thrown away every year and possible ways to rectify the problem. Famous chefs demonstrate how to transform scraps into incredible dishes." - IMDb

This is a great film in which you will obtain so much information from; for starters, not only do we waste 40% of the food in America, but approximately 90% of it goes to landfills. 

The documentary encompasses the idea of a closed loop process and flexing our consumer muscle to demand change in the industry; additionally, the main theme behind the movie is harnessing the love affair our society has with food.

The Gateway Bug:

"Currently, over 2 billion people on Earth rely on eating insects for protein. Following daily habits that can help fix a food system that has been damaged by climate change." - IMDb

Numerous countries outside of the US eat insects. The Gateway Bug started in an MBA class where the students were asked to solve an ecological problem. The problem they decided to choose was agriculture due to how many of our resources are used to raise cattle. 

Now when compared to crickets, for example, those have a very minuscule environmental impact, and they're considered high in protein. Hundreds and thousands of crickets can be raised humanely, and additionally, they eat food scraps.