Have you ever considered how much unnecessary waste is created on a daily basis? According to a study, the average American consumer produces just under five pounds of trash each day, while a family creates about 18 pounds. Multiplying those numbers by 365 days for the year, it all adds up to 1,642 pounds per person annually. 6,570 pounds per family annually.

With those numbers in mind, it's safe to say that a change needs to be made, and you can do that by swapping out a few of your single-use items for some sustainable, eco-friendly alternatives.

Instead of Cling Film, Use Waxed Cloth Wraps

Cling film, more often than not, ends up in a landfill. The chemicals used in cling film also contain BPA's, which can leach into your food and be harmful to your health. So instead, check out Beeswax Wraps, or alternatively, use a reusable cotton cover. 

Instead of Disposable Razors, Use Safety Razors

It's easy to use disposable razors or simply buy them in bulk, but it's better for you and the environment to simply invest in a good quality safety razor where only the blades need to be replaced, and additionally, the blades can also be recycled. ‍

Instead of Tampons, Use Menstrual Cups

Tampons end up in landfills or down the toilet, and all of them contain some form of plastic. They also are known to cause Toxic Shock Syndrome, so they're not healthy whatsoever. Instead, try a menstrual cup, which are reusable.

Instead of Multi-Purpose Spray, Try Making Your Own

The most eco-friendly alternative to multi-purpose spray is to make your own, but you can buy a more environmentally friendly version. However, the majority come in plastic bottles, so if you're going to purchase them, support a business that makes an active effort to make non-plastic packaging/bottles.

Instead of Paper Towels, Use Rags

Paper towels are useful, but they're single-use and usually come wrapped in plastic. Try opting for the recycled paper towels that come in biodegradable packaging or utilize reusable rags for wiping and cleaning.