With Christmas right around the corner, we figured it might be a good idea to share a few simple DIY or thrifted gifts you could get your loved ones. Why not make someone happy while also being a little bit more sustainable this holiday season?

DIY Basket With Thrifted Mugs

Who doesn't love a good holiday basket? Check out your local thrift shop and look at their home decor section. Find a basket and then make your way into the kitchen section, find a set of mugs that catch your eye, and then go to a local grocery store and pick out a bag of coffee beans or tea. You can even get a fun candle, or a tin of cookies or bake them yourself, which would be a great addition to the gift basket.

Cookie Tin

This is probably one of the most fun - and deliious gifts you could get someone. Many home decor or thrift shops sell tins you could buy, and then decorate with some home-made cookies. Simple, effective, and delicious.

Second-Hand Books

Head over to your local second-hand bookstore and find the perfect book for the avid reader that's in your life. Used books are almost always cheap and affordable, and you can find a lightly used one that will make an excellent gift. On top of that, do a little DIY and create a custom book mark.


We all know that one person that has a collection of the most random things - for example, mugs or shot glasses. Garage sales, estate sales, or bazaars can be the perfect place to find an item like that for the collectible individual in your life.