The Fourth Annual Coast Film & Music Festival will be taking place between November 9-13. They're offering a new and exciting range of shows as well as events that will appeal to sports, nature lovers, and the general public.

"We're thrilled to announce that Coast Film & Music will once again take over the Festival of Arts site in Laguna Beach. The venue, which is near a protected stretch of ocean as well as 22,000 acres of wilderness park, offers a fantastic indoor/outdoor setting that underscores the themes of the festival," said Ben Warner, festival co-founder and organizer.

The five-day festival will be screening around 50 films, including the cult surf classic Five Summer Stories by Laguna Beach's own Greg MacGillivray, a documentary that is celebrating its 50th anniversary. The band Honk will play live with the film, just like they did 50 years ago.

Additionally, Coast Film & Music has made the commitment to sustainability in all their endeavors and formed a partnership with A New Earth Project in order to earn the designation of "A New Earth Approved" event.

Coast Film & Music will have specific product sourcing, recycling, and work towards minimizing their impact on the planet, as well as provide additional environmental education for everyone during the event.