World Pollution Prevention Day is observed around the globe on December 2nd.

This day was created to raise awareness of environmental pollution and its negative impacts on our health and the planet.

The worst type of pollution that has taken the world by storm is plastic pollution. Plastic pollution degrades the quality of our soil, kills marine life, and much more.

Organizations like the United Nations (U.N.), the World Health Organization (WHO), Greenpeace, and several others have been urging countries all over the globe to take precautionary measures to control pollution. But, the responsibility doesn't only lie on our governments; individuals have to make every possible effort to reduce environmental pollution.

Each individual has a role in this fight against pollution. A clean environment can only be achieved if we all act together. Small acts like planting a sapling, dumping garbage in the right bin, and recycling plastic items are the first steps in turning our planet into a more sustainable place for us to live in. So, start today.